Life from the rear-view mirror

Check your spiritual vision…can you see your sin?…..Vol 114

For some, abuse of relationships is purely accidental. For others it is purposeful…manipulative. We’ve all seen it both ways. Chances are we’ve all been the abuser at times.

I accuse my younger kids of “not thinking past their noses” at times…while I abuse relationships and do the same thing. Maybe not with the same consequences…sometimes worse.

As believers, our integrity and consistency is key to a life that is blessed and a life that is used by God.

I’m guessing, but we probably all have a story we could tell about an incident where we didn’t do the right thing and lost our credibility with someone we wanted to talk to about the Lord…but didn’t because of it.

I think that’s one of the reasons why the Bible implores us to keep a clear conscience.

This morning there is something I want to say to a friend. It’s important…but I don’t think he can hear it from me. So I’m praying he will hear it from another.

As for me and for those who have things in our past that we are forgiven for, but can never make right…let’s make the NEXT right decision. Let’s choose integrity. Lets not throw stumbling blocks in the way of God using us to do something great for him. (It’s not that he can’t use us anyway…it’s that we think he won’t and we don’t attempt them)

This is a word of wisdom to me this morning…I guess if it fits you too…put it on.

Do your prayers get past the ceiling?……..Vol 113

prayer-2Bpraying-2BhandsAre your prayers effective? I know that’s sometimes hard to know as God is always working behind the scenes. But maybe you’ve felt that you’re in a dry spell. Maybe you don’t spend as much time in prayer any more. Maybe it feels like you just keep tapping God on the shoulder…but he never turns around and you’re not sure if he hasn’t felt you tapping…or he’s just ignoring you. That’s an interesting thought…could God be ignoring you? What? I’m his kid, he made me in his image…there’s so much going on in my life and others. How could God ignore me? How could he NOT listen? What would make that happen?
Check your heart.
Let me answer one of the questions I posed. The whole did God “feel you tapping” or better yet “did God hear your prayer” thing. The answer is a resounding yes. Of course he heard you…felt you…whatever. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be God. But that’s not the real issue here. The real issue is will he answer you? We’ve all heard at times that God answers all prayer. And, the answers are Yes, No, and Wait. And that sorta makes sense…if you believe that God was “listening” to you at the time. Not just hearing, but “listening.” If you don’t know the difference…ask your husband/wife…or take away the smartphone…
So if God loves me (He does!) and wants the best for me (that too!) and wants to talk with me (He sure does!) Why in the world would he not answer me?
You aren’t going to like this…
It’s the same reason that Christ had to die on the cross…sin.
I thought when I asked Jesus to come into my heart and forgive my sin.. He did it… Yes he did. We’re not talking about whether you have a relationship with God through faith in Christ and what he did on the cross for you. This is not about whether or not you are in the “Family of God” and going to heaven.
This is about whether you and God are on “speaking terms.”
The Bible calls sin rebellion…and rebellion towards God loosely translated is…wanting something different for ourselves than what God wants. If our lives are in rebellion because of sin…that creates a situation much like when you are on the “outs” with a family member… and you need something from them. You have to mend the relationship first. Then they are more likely to help.
I know that’s really over-simplified…but I’m confident you get the point.
If you have a minute, read I John 5:14. If we want our prayers to be answered, we have to pray “according to his will” or “want the same things that God wants for us.”
If we are in rebellion (sin) are we really wanting the same things that God wants? No…we’re in rebellion! We’re wanting something else…something selfish, something we think will make us happy. Rebellion is shaking our fist in the face of God. Now you might say…I don’t believe that. Or that is too strong a statement. Is it? You’re not gonna like this either. There is no such thing as a little rebellion…it’s like being a little pregnant. You either “is” or you “ain’t” Again…check your heart.
Here’s something you will like. This condition is fixable.How?
Glad you asked.
If you have another minute, read I John 1;9. Boom! There’s your answer to being answered. That’s how we “mend the fence” with God.
I can’t tell you how often I pray that prayer…because I’m so often in rebellion…so often going the wrong direction…and yet…so needy. Not just for myself, but for those I love in my family and the larger family of God.
I know God always hears me…but I want him to listen too. More than that, I want him to answer in a way that I know it was him. In a way that Yes, No and Wait are meaningful because I know my heart was not in rebellion when I prayed.
It only takes a minute to make sure our hearts are right when we go to God in prayer…and doesn’t he deserve a clean heart? A heart not in rebellion but in unity with his?
“Yes” is always easy to hear. But the “No” and the “Wait” are easier to bear when we know God was listening. When we know our heart is in tune with His.

Fallen Angel…….Vol. 112

JeffI have always loved the Blue Angels. They are thrilling to watch and inspiring on so many levels. I’m sure the team had a lot to do with me wanting to become a pilot.
I love the Marines…who they are and what they represent to our country. I have a cousin and a nephew who served proudly…and as I write, there is a friend of my son in our home who will be joining the Corp when he graduates from High School next year.

I never knew Capt Jeff Kuss, but his loss has hit me hard.

I have watched and re-watched a particular video of the Blue Angel Number 6 crash. It’s the only video I’ve seen thus far that had the perspective to allow us to see most of the flight up to the accident. It was tough to watch. I had heard reports that Capt Jeff Kuss had entered a Split S maneuver prior to the crash. I didn’t remember seeing that in other Blue Angel solo flights, but this video showed it clearly.

When I was much younger, I flew aerobatics in a high-performance piston engine aircraft, a Pitts S2-B. The Split S maneuver is something we did in training. (And something I did a version of a lot later in my piloting to scare my buddies) It is a common flight transition to change direction or enter a different maneuver (if you happen to be doing a flight routine). A Spit S, in simple terms, can be thought of as the bottom half of a loop. It is a positive g transition that is a lot of fun (and relatively easy to do) for a then novice to aerobatics like me. We usually entered the Split S from straight and level flight, rolled the plane inverted then pulled back on the stick to start the move. In the aircraft I flew, it was rarely more than a 2-3 g tug on the stick into your gut. From there it was just keeping the wings level, controlling RPMs and airspeed then leveling out at your intended altitude.
(Note: In an aircraft, positive g’s feel like your bottom is being pressed into your seat. It’s sort of the same feeling you get under rapid acceleration in a car…except that you feel your back being pressed against the seat.)

As I watched the video, already knowing the outcome…I realized that there was a point in time in that particular Split S maneuver, when Capt Jeff Kuss knew he wasn’t going to complete it. Something had gone wrong. And now, all the skills he had used to thrill people, were being used to save them. It was a choice he made. It was an act of complete and total sacrifice for folks on the ground he didn’t even know…but in that moment, cared about more than his own life.
It was a sacrifice of the highest order.

The loss of Capt Jeff Kuss was a tragedy. The lesson of his sacrifice for others was legendary.

Semper Fi

There was another sacrifice in history. A sacrifice that would change our eternity. A sacrifice that Jesus made once and for all to save men and women in this life…and bring them to life with him after death. It’s hard to not draw a parallel when you witness something as selfless and heroic as that of Capt Jeff Kuss. If you had asked Jeff  if he would have been willing to die to save some folks on the ground that day…he might have had to think about it. Weigh all the options. He’d be widowing his wife, orphaning his kids…changing his families future forever. That might have been a hard choice not knowing what his next flight would bring. Now we know what he was made of. He is truly a hero.

Jesus knew from the beginning he was going to die. That’s is what he had come to earth for. He knew that his Father, God, was going to forsake him as the sin of the world was placed on his shoulders at Calvary. Jesus death was no accident. It was planned before time…before the foundations of the earth. God knew that we humans would need a Savior because of our sin. And Jesus knew that his death would pave the way to heaven for us.

John 15;13 – Greater love has no man than this…that he lay down his life for his friends

God can hit a moving target…. Vol 111

target-on-back-300x300Once upon a time in the land of Rochester, a father was working hard at his desk selling Medicare Insurance. (Wow! That’s a coincidence! I sell Medicare insurance too! And, I live in Rochester… this father sounds a lot like me!) About three o’clock in the afternoon this father gets a call on his cell phone. He looks down at the caller ID and sees it’s from his oldest son.
“Dad?” Do you know where my car is?” “What!?” his dad exclaims… not quite believing the question. A car is not a sock…(which his boys lose plenty of…) You don’t lose a car…easily.
That was not a good question to hear under any circumstance…but because of some issues he was having with a different, younger son…the father knew the answer…but had to ask anyway. “Is Bart home?”
His elder son didn’t know…but the dad suspected, and ended the conversation by telling his son to sit tight and he’d get right back to him after he thought about what to do.
About a minute later he got another call, ” Bart just pulled into the driveway with the car.” That would have been a sort of an innocuous statement except for the fact that Bart didn’t have a driver’s license or learner’s permit or any kind of permission to do something as dumb as take his brother’s car…or any car… ever…for any reason…anywhere.
As it turned out…Bart, who was home on suspension from school… (Wait a minute…I have a son who is home on suspension from school…) anyway… young “Bart” was bored, the keys were hanging on the wall like they always are…so he just helped himself. It was a “Damn the Torpedoes!” moment if there ever was one. Thankfully no one was hurt in the making up of this story…no cars dented, no property damaged
Bart didn’t have to put himself, the car, or the neighborhood-at- large…at risk….but hey…he was bored…and reckless…and isn’t that reason enough? Why not risk it? What could possibly happen? Who has any torpedoes around here? It’s no big deal. But Bart was very wrong.
Just like Adam and Eve were wrong so long ago. Today this Bart fella outran a speeding bullet.
But here’s the thing about God…he doesn’t have any trouble hitting a moving target. When he has you in his sights you want it to be for blessing …trust me.
He got Adam and Eve right between the eyes. He blew past their excuses and arguments. We are still feeling the consequence of their “Damn the torpedoes” moment in the garden…their willful disobedience. It could be argued that their disobedience so long ago paved the way for young Bart’s misadventure yesterday. But discipline was NOT what God wanted for Adam and Eve. Nor did God (or Bart’s dad) want this for Bart either. It is coming nonetheless.
Sometimes I feel like whatever wise words I may speak on occasion just barely make it past my lips to fall off into the ether… taking all their meaning, admonition and love with them…never to be heard.
As I try to reach my son across this valley of misunderstanding that has been created between the two of us, I hear his words again and again…”It’s no big deal dad” and you know what? it isn’t for him…right now. Soon it will be.
The consequence of disobedience catches up and can slap you very hard. As moms and dads we often bear the brunt of consequences we didn’t earn or deserve. Sometimes that’s the price of loving your kids. But there comes a time when the son’s consequence must fall squarely on the son. It seems that time is now.

Motorcycle Madness……..VOL 110

HD1For most of my life I have had at least one hobby that had some element (or a LOT) of risk in it. Aerobatics, Helicopters, and Motorcycles are the ones that come to mind first. Activities that if not performed correctly, and with great care, could quickly get me into a situation where me and breathing could part ways.
There were a few times in my life where I was engaged in a couple of those activities at the same time. After a couple of close calls I finally had to admit that the odds of life were diminishing if I kept it up. I had to choose. I gave up the bike for about 20 years.
Now, Flying, is pretty much behind me. A heart attack about 8 years ago kind of put a quick stop to that hobby, and for a while, I didn’t do much of anything except try to get better. But then I started talking to buddy at church about motorcycles. It had been 20 years since I’d ridden with any consistency…but the thought of the open road, the possibilities of seeing the country on two wheels and quality alone-time compelled me to own a motorcycle again. I had to have a bike. Through a couple sneaky moves I’m not proud of, and with a loan from my buddy, I found an old 1986 BMW K100 in really nice shape out in the Boston area. After an unfortunate accident coming back home that left me walking for nearly a year…I found a different bike and for the next few years I enjoyed my time on the road… with a few different bikes. But all that isn’t really my story.
Motorcycles by themselves are unstable. Don’t believe me? Just stand one up without holding it or riding it or putting it on it’s kickstand…within a few seconds you will see that gravity is a cruel taskmaster…and… you will learn that motorcycles have to be parked or moving to keep from scraping the paint off them and bending things. And that’s the story right there. That is, if I can equate life with a motorcycle for a couple of minutes.
You would think that after learning how to ride a bicycle at an early age… keeping my balance would come easy…and it does if we’re talking about bicycles. Put anybody on top of a thousand pounds of metal and motor with two wheels and balance becomes a bit trickier. We’ve all seen the motorcycle dude in front of us come wheeling up to a stop weaving and wobbling all over his lane trying his best to come to a stop without falling over…looking all uncool and stuff. And then you’ve seen the riders who seem like they defy gravity before they deftly put their foot down to balance…their “cool” safely intact. In both cases the riders saved their paint jobs…but one just looks like he belongs on the bike…and we’re pretty sure the other is going to be a statistic one day.
There (can) come a point in riding a motorcycle when gravity wins despite your best efforts otherwise to thwart it. You get distracted, you’re not looking or someone else is doing the same thing… and both gravity and rapid deceleration slap you very hard.
There have been a few of those moronic episodes in my riding. One happened at a thruway rest stop not too long before I sold my Harley a couple of years back. It was a dumb thing. I hadn’t zipped up a coat pocket and a stray accessory cord had worked it’s way out. It had been bouncing around in the wind, slapping me and the bike for the past several miles till I couldn’t stand it anymore. I pulled into the rest stop determined to fix this annoyance.
Now my normal procedure when I come to a stop is to reach back with my left foot and put the kickstand down. Then gently lean the 800lb bike over onto the stand, and get off. Well…that particular day I only got part of that right. I was annoyed and distracted with the cord and when I stopped I could have sworn I put the kickstand down. But as I gently leaned the bike over, anticipating it coming to rest on the kickstand..something went terribly wrong and the bike simply accelerated from the upright position directly to the ground with me hanging on for dear life…The kickstand hadn’t broken…I had just forgotten to put it down. Well… the bike ended up on it’s side in the parking lot and I looked like the buffoon I was for letting it happen. I stood there for a moment, stunned… surveying the situation (and to see if anyone was laughing at me). Luckily I hadn’t bent or scraped anything and as far as I could tell…there was just the raw embarrassment of it all plus the job of getting the bike upright again…which proved to be more of a challenge than my 60 year old body was up for. Thankfully a young, well-muscled youth nearby took pity on me and helped me right the beast after which I promptly and carefully, set it on the kickstand and took care of the dangling distraction before I got back on my way.
There are times in our lives when we are aware of “tipping points.” Situations, that if left unattended, will take us down. Times when we can feel ourselves falling, unable to stop, and circumstances that take us completely by surprise. Sometimes we are able to catch ourselves… sometimes not, and we hit the ground…hard…wondering if we have the strength to get up. And sometimes the fall is softened by the support of friends and loved ones there to help us up again.
God sees it all…he’s known about every challenge…every tipping point. In fact, he’s been there with us. He sees us when we are negotiating a challenge. He’s encouraged us from the sidelines… he wants us to wake up, pay attention…watch out!
I think he smiles when we hear and heed his warning and make course corrections. I think he’s saddened when we ignore his voice and crash to the ground.
One thing I’ve learned through “avoidance grace” as well as from the “crash and burns” of life… Wisdom is golden whether it’s gained in advance of, or on the wrong side of a tipping point. The question today is will we listen? Will we heed warnings? Will we make corrections? Will we make the next right decision as much as it’s up to us.
I pray that we will. I pray that any bruises and broken bones we suffer are the result of worthy sacrifice, not foolishness. I pray for a heart that is willing to listen and do right. I’m so thankful for our God whose grace and mercy transcends it all.

Ouch!….my brain hurts! VOL 109

bangEvery once in a while I take an opportunity to listen to the Christian apologist, Ravi Zacharias. I can’t do it very often…it hurts my brain. But when I do take on the challenge, I’m always glad I did.
God is the author of intellect and he has blessed many men like Ravi with a unique ability to communicate a higher disciplined Christian thought to an audience whose brains are tuned to receive it. Or maybe just tuned-in enough to be able to hear it. There is a difference.
Whenever questions about theology or God get too deep or too complicated for me, I run to “Because God said it.” That’s my default rationale, my bedrock. It works for me. I can get to that absolute without having to tackle any of the bigger picture stuff that stumbles the real thinkers. I don’t dismiss the hard stuff like election or omniscience, or eschatology…but I rarely wade into those waters with people. Mostly because it’s a great place to get bushwhacked…to pick an argument with us “shallow thinkers” who can be easily overwhelmed with partial truth that is (often aggressively) presented as fact.

My younger brother is a pastor of a small local community church. He went into the pastorate later in life after a successful business career. It took him 5 years to get through the education he needed. It was a long hard road…but he made it though. All during that time and still today, I benefit from his education too. Our monthly lunches are often a source of theological discussion, education and sometimes correction. That lunch-table education helps me to at least appreciate some of the diverse thought around the academics of theology.

But at the end of the all-too-often self-righteous, complex arguments and debates surrounding theology… is the simple truth of the gospel. A truth that even a child can understand and believe. The truth that God loves us with a love bigger than we can comprehend…and that he wants to be known by us and have a relationship with us. I don’t fully understand that…I know I don’t deserve that kind of love or the sacrifice that Christ made on the cross for me. But by faith I have made that truth my own and it has changed me internally and eternally.

I’m very thankful there are those like Ravi who can discuss, debate and even persuade the thinkers of the world to consider the concepts and claims of the Bible on a much higher level than I will ever be able to.

But I’m also very thankful to be able to understand, receive and live out the simple truth of the gospel that still changes lives for all of us. Those who live in the heady clouds of academia as well as those of us down here in the trenches.

Life in-between the lines…. VOL 108

Here we are at nearly 3am. I just polished off a bowl of cereal and hopefully I’ll be able to get a couple hours of sleep before Kathy has to get up at 5:30am and drive to Troy, NY for a meeting…

but probably not…

I had a bit of an epiphany whilst eating my Special K (with berries…) Just a wee bit of one…kinda like an “epiph…”
Anyway…as I prepare to turn 61 in a couple of days and looking back on my life…it’s been pretty interesting. I guess that can be both good and bad…I’ve been told you don’t want to get that sentiment in a fortune cookie…”interesting” can me a LOT of things. At least the Chinese think so…or whoever makes fortune cookies.

Over the years I’ve gotten to do a lot of cool stuff, meet a lot of great people, and made a lot of friends. I have had some great jobs and some pretty awful ones…and for a couple of years made some pretty good money. I’ve seen God do some amazing things in my life and in the lives of others. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful wife…(twice) and have 4 kids who I love with all of what is left of my heart *                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
That would have been funnier if you had all known that I had a heart attack a while ago…

I’m not trying to be too spiritual here…but on rare occasions I can learn a lesson from me.  That’s the benefit of hindsight I guess. So…some of the richness in my life has simply been serendipitous… kind of like “common grace”…but much of it has been because of two things. First… that I was available. Second…that I was willing.  Please trust me when I say I am NO spiritual giant. But I do try to be aware of God working in my life…especially in the lulls* of life when it doesn’t feel like God is there.
*note from the author: A lull can be very important. A lull can be a segue to a “thing” and so on.

*(I learned about lulls from Jerry Seinfeld on “Comedians in cars getting coffee” It’s on Crackle…worth a watch.)

History with God is no small matter. It’s often when you do pause and reflect that we see his hand in situations…his guidance and direction…his mercy and grace…his unconditional love. I hope you already know that. But if you don’t…believe me…It’s worth the time to take a backwards glance. It will often influence your forward direction.

OK…on with it…well no…I guess that’s it.

My brain just informed the rest of me that we’re closed for the evening.

Do you have a reckless heart? VOL 107

recklessI’ve been thinking about something lately as I watch my kids bounce in and out of relationships. It’s a question that we as parents need to pose to our kids…and probably to ourselves as well.
“Am I being reckless with my heart?”
What does that even mean?
I know what being reckless with a car means…it’s driving in a way that could cause an accident…damage your vehicle…cause financial loss…physical pain…maybe even take a life.
Being reckless in any form can be…is…dangerous. Heart recklessness can really mess with you.

I remember when I was a young lad…just starting that big testosterone drip…I asked my dad about dating and when that magical event could happen for me. His immediate response was “when you are 16.” It was like he had been practicing that line. Like somehow me and the universe and Tari (the older woman (18) I was interested in…) would mix it up at the stroke of midnight on my 16th birthday. Sadly that didn’t happen…Tari got pregnant (by her 19 year old boyfriend)… and I really never saw her much after that. But man…for a few weeks there…I was in deep…something. My heart was invested. Every time the song “Portrait of my Love” came on the radio my heart would hurt…ache. I would work out ways to sit next to her in church…find some goofy reason to call her…

I was emotionally destroyed when I heard the news about Tari…not because I really knew Tari…it was the story about Tari and me that I kept telling myself…and allowing myself to believe that did the damage. Reckless.

But recklessness is not just for romance. It works its way into every area of life and can cause real damage if left unchecked…or unquestioned.

If I haven’t been obvious enough here…heart recklessness IS head recklessness. It’s the way we think combined with the way we process and act on, or act out our self-talk… or react to circumstances. A reckless heart doesn’t care if you are a believer or not…because it’s born of pride…greed…self interest. We often encourage its bad behavior… but we were born with a heart that desires, intends and often follows after recklessness. And even if/when we become a Christ follower, we still have to fight those tendencies…sometimes even more than before we came to faith…because at that moment we trust Christ…we become much more aware of the crud in our lives…the recklessness of our hearts. But with Christ there is hope for real change… without him…we are left to our conscience or pithy psycho-babble to try and reign it in.

I’m having to ask myself this question and I’m asking for my family as a husband and father. Am I?…Are we? being reckless with our hearts and minds?

I don’t want to be reckless…and I don’t want “self-control” either for me or my family. My heart’s desire for me and for them is “control of self.”

More on that later….

Too easily satisfied… VOL 106

I’m amazed at what we become satisfied with in our walk with the Lord.
“If with all your hearts you truly seek me…you shall ever surely find me…thus saith our God”
I sang that song from Mendelssohn’s Elijah for some solo competition a hundred years ago…only thinking about how I would be judged for my musical performance of it…and not giving a single thought to the living out of it.
I don’t know if I’ve ever done anything with ALL my heart. I have, however, been accused of doing lots of things half-ass’d.

The concept of being all-in, body and soul, tooth and nail…all those phrases that we use to describe the passion and grit of life are often missed in our pursuit of holiness and fulfillment in our faith walk…that is… if there is a pursuit of it at all.

Worshipping-TVI have been guilty at times of just “letting it happen.” Only seeking and engaging God when there’s sickness or tragedy or poverty on the line. (Read that: “When I can’t figure it out’)
That is embarrassing to admit, but it’s true. What would it mean to my enjoyment of God if I truly found him and not shadows of him…not the image of him I have in my mind…or the concept of him I heard from a preacher, but him…the God of the Bible. What joys are waiting…What strength? What wisdom? What peace?…What rest?

The challenge is really not in the finding of God…he told us he could be found. The challenge is in the seeking of him with all our hearts. Putting aside the idols and obstacles that we’ve created, Deciding that “all-in” will describe our seeking after him from this point forward.

It’s not like we don’t know this. And it’s mentioned or inferred quite a bit in scripture. We are instructed to “Trust the Lord with ALL your heart…” “Love the Lord your God with ALL your heart, soul and mind” to name just a couple.

So what’ll it be Christian? Are we going to settle for mediocrity in our pursuit of God…or will we work up a thirst for him that can only be quenched in the finding of him?

So start your journey! Don’t ask Siri to find God for you…and don’t plug “God” into your GPS…(even though that might be interesting…) this seeking God is about digging into the Word…hitting our proverbial knees and “wanting” him to be your heart’s desire…your passion…your reward.

Here is a beautiful thought. This is not a one-sided endeavor… and it’s not hide and seek.


As hard as it may seem to believe at times…God wants to be found by me and you.


Part 2 I am impulsive…does that make me a bad person? VOL 105

Part 2 I am impulsive…does that make me a bad person?

It’s not that I can’t plan…it’s more like I don’t want to. It’s annoying…why sit and think about what I’m going to do…why not just do it? Of course that’s flawed logic…I know that…but it doesn’t make me any more likely to plan.

As I re-read that statement and pull out “my truth” in it…I find it’s missing something. And that is this…while I might not bullet point my day’s activity, I do have a pretty good idea of what is going to happen… but when there are options, I’m going to force the day into my mold any time it’s possible. Did that resonate with anyone? Let me say it another way. I’m going to do what I want to do…regardless.

Going out on a limb here…but in my experience…impulsive people are generally selfish. They are not unaware of the needs and priorities of God and family and work and others…they just elevate their own priorities to a higher position than all the rest. They/we ultimately do what they want to do…first…often to the exclusion of all else.

Before I vilify all impulsive people,(and I are one…) let me just say that not all of us are selfish all the time. We have our moments when our impulsive actions are totally altruistic. Those moments are found more often than you might think as we “impulsives” who belong to the family of God still have the Holy Spirit guiding (sometimes “fighting”) us.

It is in those moments when we actually yield and follow the Holy Spirit’s leading that God seems to use that impulsiveness for his glory.