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March 4, 2013 | Comment

Doug headshot 1I’m originally from Oneida, NY and have lived here in Rochester, NY with my family  since ’88.

I lived in Texas for 8 years prior to moving back north.  I left my ropers, cowboy hat, big belt buckles, starched jeans and a lot of friends behind…but I learned a lot about life while I was there.

Let me say right up front…I do like to write some… but I’m NOT a writer. Not really. If we happen to meet one day, you’ll notice that I write a lot like I talk. Which you may find endearing or  annoying…depending on…well just depending.

I confess that there are going to be times when you look at one of these devotions and swear I was sleep-writing… I won’t get the punctuation right and I might forget a letter here or there… but if I do any of those things (and I will) …please forgive me. Chances are I’m writing either really early…or really late. (Author’s Note: I’m really not a threat to those of you who actually get paid to do this…”


A little about me…

After losing my first wife to cancer in 2010, God blessed me by bringing my high school sweetheart back into my life in July of 2012.  Right off the bat we hit a rhythm in our relationship that just worked. We were married October 27, 2012 and live in Rochester, NY close to Lake Ontario.32370_10151118367503807_1499017859_n


I started my journey with the Lord when I was 15 at Delta Lake Camp in Rome, NY.  It has been a long, slow climb. I’ve learned a lot and grown a lot. And I still feel like it’s three steps forward and two steps back…but as long as I’m still breathing God is still a willing teacher.

I’ve wanted to write a kind of conversational devotion for a while now. Not because I have anything in particular to say, but mainly because I don’t. I don’t have an agenda…I’m not trying to sell a book or tee-shirts…(not yet anyway…) I’m just like everybody else. Same challenges, same struggles, still a sinner…still trying to make the next right decision.

This won’t replace your copy of “Daily Bread” or “My Utmost for His highest.” But maybe it will give you a working man’s perspective on my struggle to live a life that pleases God. I hope you’ll find1483293_10202686276857120_330931570_n something in here that makes you smile, makes you think…and makes you thankful. I pray that if it’s possible for you to avoid some pain or pitfall by reading about mine…that the Lord would give you that “avoidance”  grace.

But most of all…I hope you will celebrate our amazing God and his wonderful love for us…evidenced through Jesus and alive in us through the Holy Spirit ….and…that you will be encouraged towards hope and holiness….

Blessings friend!

Doug Warner


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