Life from the rear-view mirror

It’s hard to move forward when you’re looking backwards… Vol 137

June 13, 2018 | Comment

I’m realizing this morning how much “life” is behind me at 63

Not that there aren’t more things to accomplish…more life to live…but I find myself looking backwards a lot more.

Makes me think of my friend Barry and his reasoning for not doing social media like Facebook. He simply says “I want to move forward…” I get it.

It’s hard to move forward while you’re looking backwards. But it’s hard to ignore that hindsight rule. You know the 20/20 thing.

Anyway… I’m convinced a balanced life requires you to do both well.

That’s also true in your walk with the Lord. It’s imperative that we learn from the past to apply it to the present.

Plus…if you spend too much time looking backwards…you’ll get a crick in your neck…

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