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Is Good Enough…good enough? Vol 135

June 13, 2018 | Comment

Good enough.
I so often find myself at this crossroad. Whether it’s a guitar performance on a recording or a sales presentation…or my walk with the Lord. I say to myself…It wasn’t my best, wasn’t great…wasn’t excellent. it was good enough.
Why do we stop at good enough?
I find myself here way too often… not because I don’t know what “best” and “excellent” look like…feel like…sound like…but mostly because I haven’t given the effort to get there. Wherever “there” is. It might take one more pass at that guitar riff…or one more phone call to reach that prospect…one more awkward conversation with that pretty girl to get a date.

Sure…there are some things in life we can’t do ourselves…
Does that mean they don’t get done…or does it mean we find another way, or a different way to do them? Do we stop at good enough or do we break out of that box to get to great and excellent…maybe even WOW!
I choose the later.
“Good enough” is just not good enough…

God gave his Best in Jesus. Good enough wouldn’t do.

There is joy in getting to great. Yea…it takes some work…some effort…
but nobody really wants to eat a pre-chewed steak.

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