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Don’t worry…God can see in the dark. Vol 136

June 13, 2018 | Comment

I have been following my former pastors updates on his daughter Emily as she goes through chemo on her way to what we hope is a full recovery from cancer.
It’s been tough for her and tough on her family as they go through this together.

I can empathize.

David was my pastor for nearly 10 years and was there for us when Lori was going through her battle with cancer.

“Don’t doubt in the dark, what you know to be true in the Light”

David shared that he and Sue had given that thought to Emily on a wooden frame for her hospital room…something to remind her of what she already knows. To encourage her with the truth of God’s love and plan for her as this painful and arduous path she is on, continues on for a while longer…

God can see in the dark. I know that may seem like silly statement. Of course He can see in the dark…He’s God! But it’s a truth we can sometimes forget when tragedy comes.

Don’t worry. He will find us when we get lost in the darkness of our pain and fear. He is always good and loving and forgiving and comforting to his kids… despite our darkest circumstance.

He can be no other way.

We can rest and rejoice in that.

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