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What’s next? Vol. 132

October 12, 2017 | Comment

It’s been a few months since the Re’Generation reunion in Nashville. I didn’t get to spend nearly enough time with everyone but even so…I can’t help thinking about the few minutes I spent casually with Derric that Friday night.
It’s 9am and I really need to be out the door to work…(I work for myself so I’m taking it easy on me this morning) As I get older there is less in my life that gets me out of bed in the morning…and less of me that wants to get out of bed. Kathy says “all my hinges are rusty” and with all the spare parts I have in me these days…that’s probably a good description.
I was impressed by a few things this past weekend most of them coming by way of Derric and my old roommate Barry Jennings.
The attitude of “What’s next?” permeated every conversation. Even though he just retired as president of Gaither Music, Barry is still devouring life in huge mouthfuls. New projects, new goals, growing his art, improving his tennis game, loving his family and moving forward in his faith. He is exactly my age but our lives and attitudes are vastly different.
Then there is Derric. He just turned 85, and he could still give the Energizer Bunny a run for his money! Always positive…looking both forward to projects in the works and those still sizzling on the back burner.
The weekend was incredibly inspiring to say the least.
Oh I realize I just saw a small slice of life from my mentor and my college friend, but their attitudes trumped their circumstances and made me realize that attitude is up to me. How I react to what’s on my plate is all on me. There is no reason I can’t be as excited in thinking about “What’s next?” as anybody else. I’m no red-haired step child in the Kingdom! God loves me as much as Derric or Barry or anyone else and he has something special and exciting ahead for me.
I do have to look for it…reach for it…pour myself into the “doing” of it…and continue to drink deeply from the fountain of “What’s next?”

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