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Joy through the tears…Christmas 2016 Vol 128

January 19, 2017 | Comment

I know there are events in life we have to walk through…work through…especially around loss.
For the longest time, I never knew that kind of loss.
That changed when Lori passed away in 2010…we had been married nearly 19 years. It was a two-fold loss for me. Coming to grips with the loss of my wife and then vicariously dealing with the same loss for each of my four kids. The latter was the toughest…is STILL the toughest.
I’m past needing comfort (I think) and the wound is… “all haired over…” as my Texas buddy Rodney used to say. (I’m not really sure what that means…but I think it refers to a barbed-wire wound healing up on a steer…or not 😉 )
Anyway… as I was browsing FB in the few unoccupied moments I had the other day, I stumbled across a video…posted to offer comfort to those who experienced the loss of someone and were missing them this holiday season. The words were sincere. The melody was pretty… but it was a total downer….at least for me. It immediately brought me back to the pain…NOT where I wanted to be at all. I know I’m weird and I’m sure other folks took great comfort in it…but for me, for now… I’m looking for life in a major key. I’m all about hope, present and future joy, happy memories.
The sad memories come all too often without any other outside influence.
I’d rather celebrate memories of loved ones lost than continue mourning them. Especially when they were believers…because
they aren’t really lost at all. We know exactly where they are. And we live with the glorious hope that we will be reunited one day.
That is not to say we don’t miss them…of course we do.
We always will.
But for me…this Christmas…turn up the happy music…let’s celebrate!

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