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Is God enough? No…is He really? Vol 129

January 19, 2017 | Comment

How fast is God?

Doug Blair was a year ahead of me…and the fastest kid at school. He held the 100 yard dash record at 10.8 seconds for many years at Oneida High School.  I was reminded of this fact every day as all the high school records and trophies were on display in the central hallway at school. I walked by that display every day.

Up until third grade I went to Willard F Pryor elementary school in Oneida, NY, and would occasionally meet Doug and Dave Blair on the way to school. One day the walk turned into a race with Doug. I didn’t win…but I only lost by a hair. (if only I had been wearing my Red Ball Jets…)
God would cream Doug Blair in a foot race.
So where did this “How fast is God?” thought come from anyway? It has nothing to do with Drew’s sermon the other day (sorry Drew) It is not a deep theological thought. (I’m not sure it’s theological at all…) I doubt if any  giants of the faith will spend time pondering these 5 words. But sometimes I need “simple.” A simple concept, a simple answer to help me understand just a sliver of how a very complex and loving God takes care of his kids.
When we are are hurting. When we are hungry. When we despair. When a child is sick. When our best friend is out of reach. When we can’t make sense of our circumstance. We want help right now. Right now like in…FAST.  And I have learned that God doesn’t always respond to what we want…he doesn’t even always respond to what we think we need. It’s not that he couldn’t…but he often doesn’t. (I think old testament Job might be able to chime in on this one…)                                                                

There are things I know  I’ve learned over the years, and then there are things I think I’ve learned or maybe learning. Here’s one of the later.

“God doesn’t get in the way of a lesson he’s teaching you.”

Natural consequences come to mind that sort of put a fine point on the thought. If you stick your finger in an electrical outlet…chances are good you are going to get the fool shocked out of you (or… insert your own colorful phrase.) That’s a little extreme perhaps, but you get the point. God often teaches through consequences…good and bad.

But that still doesn’t really do anything to address my original thought.

We know little of God’s real potential, although words like omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence certainly are good, albeit heady descriptors. But how many of us think in those terms? We look for ways to measure things in ways that communicate in a way we can understand…like horsepower, miles per hour…a 24 hour day. We don’t wrestle with those concepts. We relate to them.
So even though God is so much bigger and more complex than we will ever comprehend…I want to offer a simple answer to a ridiculous question.

How fast is God?

Fast enough.

There was a song out a few years ago now that said simply “God is enough.” And honestly, that is all we need to know for every area of our lives. To say that “God is Enough” does not limit God in any way. He is still all those heady descriptors and much more.
You may think you want or need more…but what you (and I)  need is “enough.”

Here is another concept that may be a little unpopular…
We don’t get to define how much “enough” is.
We trust in God’s definition of enough for us…whatever that may be.

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