Life from the rear-view mirror

We are severely screwed up! Vol 125

I don’t love naturally. I’m not a hugger. I have to remember to say “I love you” to my wife and kids. I’m a horrible romantic and my kids would tell you that when I’m trying to communicate something to them I “monologue” them…often in a steady crescendo of spit, sermon and sound.
As the reality of all that sinks in…I’m hit with the sad fact that those qualities are not all that attractive in a husband, father, brother…heck…they aren’t attractive in a man at all. But despite my baser tendencies and leanings…I still do tell my wife and kids I love them. I try to listen more and I do my best to do my gender proud…but it’s not natural for me. I have to think about it. I have to prioritize it. I have to work at it…all the time.

Now…understanding that little scary slice of me…there is this other side who is easily offended, easily hurt and tends to overthink just about everything. How do all those opposing forces exist in one person? Well…meds help take the edge off…

As it turns out…I truly am my own worst enemy. Armed with this information…one would think that i could boldly take the rudder of the “ship of me” and make some course corrections to calmer, sane-er waters.

Nah…who wants to do that? I’ve gotten used to me. This is who I am…people just need to adjust. I’m fine. You want ME to change? Give me a reason. Why don’t YOU change?

Here’s what I know for sure about me…and about a lot of you too.

We are severely screwed up. We need someone to save us from ourselves…and you know what?

Someone has.

His name is Jesus.

He has saved us not only from ourselves…but he has saved us to a life of real purpose, a life of possibility, a life of promise. He tells us that we can be more that we ever thought we could be and he empowers us to be that person through the working of the Holy Spirit.

To some that will seem too mystical…too magical…too easy. But it will resonate with others. They will invite Jesus into their life to be the forgiver of their sin and the leader of their life. Their lives will change from the inside…and they can trust the one who changed them to keep them changed.

The cost to us for this amazing regeneration of mind, body and soul? Nothing.

The cost to Jesus?
Death on the cross…but death was not the end. The Bible tells us that in three days he rose again…conquering death having paid the ultimate cost for our sin forever.

This is amazing love. This is amazing grace.

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