Life from the rear-view mirror

Check your spiritual vision…can you see your sin?…..Vol 114

June 14, 2016 | Comment

For some, abuse of relationships is purely accidental. For others it is purposeful…manipulative. We’ve all seen it both ways. Chances are we’ve all been the abuser at times.

I accuse my younger kids of “not thinking past their noses” at times…while I abuse relationships and do the same thing. Maybe not with the same consequences…sometimes worse.

As believers, our integrity and consistency is key to a life that is blessed and a life that is used by God.

I’m guessing, but we probably all have a story we could tell about an incident where we didn’t do the right thing and lost our credibility with someone we wanted to talk to about the Lord…but didn’t because of it.

I think that’s one of the reasons why the Bible implores us to keep a clear conscience.

This morning there is something I want to say to a friend. It’s important…but I don’t think he can hear it from me. So I’m praying he will hear it from another.

As for me and for those who have things in our past that we are forgiven for, but can never make right…let’s make the NEXT right decision. Let’s choose integrity. Lets not throw stumbling blocks in the way of God using us to do something great for him. (It’s not that he can’t use us anyway…it’s that we think he won’t and we don’t attempt them)

This is a word of wisdom to me this morning…I guess if it fits you too…put it on.

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