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God can hit a moving target…. Vol 111

May 27, 2016 | Comment

target-on-back-300x300Once upon a time in the land of Rochester, a father was working hard at his desk selling Medicare Insurance. (Wow! That’s a coincidence! I sell Medicare insurance too! And, I live in Rochester… this father sounds a lot┬álike me!) About three o’clock in the afternoon this father gets a call on his cell phone. He looks down at the caller ID and sees it’s from his oldest son.
“Dad?” Do you know where my car is?” “What!?” his dad exclaims… not quite believing the question. A car is not a sock…(which his boys lose plenty of…) You don’t lose a car…easily.
That was not a good question to hear under any circumstance…but because of some issues he was having with a different, younger son…the father knew the answer…but had to ask anyway. “Is Bart home?”
His elder son didn’t know…but the dad suspected, and ended the conversation by telling his son to sit tight and he’d get right back to him after he thought about what to do.
About a minute later he got another call, ” Bart just pulled into the driveway with the car.” That would have been a sort of an innocuous statement except for the fact that Bart didn’t have a driver’s license or learner’s permit or any kind of permission to do something as dumb as take his brother’s car…or any car… ever…for any reason…anywhere.
As it turned out…Bart, who was home on suspension from school… (Wait a minute…I have a son who is home on suspension from school…) anyway… young “Bart” was bored, the keys were hanging on the wall like they always are…so he just helped himself. It was a “Damn the Torpedoes!” moment if there ever was one. Thankfully no one was hurt in the making up of this story…no cars dented, no property damaged
Bart didn’t have to put himself, the car, or the neighborhood-at- large…at risk….but hey…he was bored…and reckless…and isn’t that reason enough? Why not risk it? What could possibly happen? Who has any torpedoes around here? It’s no big deal. But Bart was very wrong.
Just like Adam and Eve were wrong so long ago. Today this Bart fella outran a speeding bullet.
But here’s the thing about God…he doesn’t have any trouble hitting a moving target. When he has you in his sights you want it to be for blessing …trust me.
He got Adam and Eve right between the eyes. He blew past their excuses and arguments. We are still feeling the consequence of their “Damn the torpedoes” moment in the garden…their willful disobedience. It could be argued that their disobedience so long ago paved the way for young Bart’s misadventure yesterday. But discipline was NOT what God wanted for Adam and Eve. Nor did God (or Bart’s dad) want this for Bart either. It is coming nonetheless.
Sometimes I feel like whatever wise words I may speak on occasion just barely make it past my lips to fall off into the ether… taking all their meaning, admonition and love with them…never to be heard.
As I try to reach my son across this valley of misunderstanding that has been created between the two of us, I hear his words again and again…”It’s no big deal dad” and you know what? it isn’t for him…right now. Soon it will be.
The consequence of disobedience catches up and can slap you very hard. As moms and dads we often bear the brunt of consequences we didn’t earn or deserve. Sometimes that’s the price of loving your kids. But there comes a time when the son’s consequence must fall squarely on the son. It seems that time is now.

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