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Metal to Mettle…. VOL 105

April 2, 2016 | Comment

tumblr_nh803mdR1r1s6fchho1_500I’m very thankful for believing friends who I can ask tough questions of. Who, after hearing what I’m asking, start the conversation with “I’m not sure I’m the right person for you to be talking to.”

In my experience, that usually means I’m not going to get some top-of-mind, sugar-coated, pithy answer. It might mean I’m going to get an answer that is hard to hear…but worth listening to.

The Bible has this wonderful analogy of speaking into another’s life for their good. “As iron sharpens iron…” You can almost see the sparks flying and feel the heat when the metals collide. It’s a spectacular occurrence.

There is pounding and pressure and light as the metals react to each other. Each sacrificing something of itself… being changed from rough objects of unknown potential into useful tools…even weapons.
This is no accidental collision…it is purposeful…it is meaningful…it yields something better for both metals to have undergone this beating of sorts…this holy process.

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