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Do you have a reckless heart? VOL 107

April 2, 2016 | Comment

recklessI’ve been thinking about something lately as I watch my kids bounce in and out of relationships. It’s a question that we as parents need to pose to our kids…and probably to ourselves as well.
“Am I being reckless with my heart?”
What does that even mean?
I know what being reckless with a car means…it’s driving in a way that could cause an accident…damage your vehicle…cause financial loss…physical pain…maybe even take a life.
Being reckless in any form can be…is…dangerous.┬áHeart recklessness can really mess with you.

I remember when I was a young lad…just starting that big testosterone drip…I asked my dad about dating and when that magical event could happen for me. His immediate response was “when you are 16.” It was like he had been practicing that line. Like somehow me and the universe and Tari (the older woman (18) I was interested in…) would mix it up at the stroke of midnight on my 16th birthday. Sadly that didn’t happen…Tari got pregnant (by her 19 year old boyfriend)… and I really never saw her much after that. But man…for a few weeks there…I was in deep…something. My heart was invested. Every time the song “Portrait of my Love” came on the radio my heart would hurt…ache. I would work out ways to sit next to her in church…find some goofy reason to call her…

I was emotionally destroyed when I heard the news about Tari…not because I really knew Tari…it was the story about Tari and me that I kept telling myself…and allowing myself to believe that did the damage. Reckless.

But recklessness is not just for romance. It works its way into every area of life and can cause real damage if left unchecked…or unquestioned.

If I haven’t been obvious enough here…heart recklessness IS head recklessness. It’s the way we think combined with the way we process and act on, or act out our self-talk… or react to circumstances. A reckless heart doesn’t care if you are a believer or not…because it’s born of pride…greed…self interest. We often encourage its bad behavior… but we were born with a heart that desires, intends and often follows after recklessness. And even if/when we become a Christ follower, we still have to fight those tendencies…sometimes even more than before we came to faith…because at that moment we trust Christ…we become much more aware of the crud in our lives…the recklessness of our hearts. But with Christ there is hope for real change… without him…we are left to our conscience or pithy psycho-babble to try and reign it in.

I’m having to ask myself this question and I’m asking for my family as a husband and father. Am I?…Are we? being reckless with our hearts and minds?

I don’t want to be reckless…and I don’t want “self-control” either for me or my family. My heart’s desire for me and for them is “control of self.”

More on that later….

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