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How does God get to you? VOL 102

April 2, 2016 | Comment

judge-finger-wagging-pointing-300x449-RFHow does God best teach you?

We all learn differently. For some, just focusing on the positive outcomes of a particular action is all they need to stay happily on the path to Nirvana…or wherever happy paths lead. For others it’s a catastrophe-avoidance mentality. ‘If I DON’T do this, all hell is gonna break loose!” Each discipline (if you can call it that) has advantages.
I’m not sure how much of either is based on a choice or simply default personality.
I like to think of myself as a “glass half-full” kind of guy. But Kathy often calls me her Eeyore. I have to balance my inner Eeyore with the promise I made to Kathy to make her laugh at least once a day when we got married. Thankfully, we both have a dark, sarcastic side that can wring a laugh out of some pretty unlikely places…like a tech call to Time Warner Cable. Enough said…
Maybe it’s because I’m Jewish that it’s easier for me to whine about the possibility of negative consequences…than see the silver lining in…well…anything…Oy! Double Oy!
I guess my real point here is more about getting past our internal wiring long enough to learn what God wants to teach us. And he does want to teach us…
Pastor/Teachers have a tough job communicating to get through everybody’s filters. But that is the beauty of the Gospel and God’s Word. It’s like a universal solvent that can un-stick all the crud that’s stuck in our filters. Maybe fuel system cleaner is a better analogy. Regular application makes us run better, stronger, longer and with better mileage and more horsepower…whatever that means.

Today was catastrophe-avoidance…the glass half-full thing? It didn’t work for me today…and full-on catastrophe was what I ended up with… or in…I’m not sure. As the catastrophe unfolded I was trying desperately to hear God’s voice in it… because I really needed to hear it. I needed direction and certainty and clarity. But what I got was calamity. I called on a friend to help. A friend who just last week I told I wanted to be accountable to. And in the midst of him reaching out to try and speak truth into my circumstance… I disengaged. In every text message from him I saw my failure as a parent and I was too proud and too hurt to hear any more.

So a sleepless night and countless reflections later… I’m learning.

Oy! and ouch!

Painful lessons are not my favorite…but often where I learn the most…like it or not.

I’m going back to bed.

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