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Bloody Again – Vol 100

January 12, 2016 | Comment

boxing gloveOver the years I have become skilled in sabotage…in secrets…in sin. It has all lead to the same place…again.
I find I’m in desperate need of drastic personal change, mercy and extraordinary forgiveness.
As a believer there is no more eternal consequence for sin… That was handled once for all on the cross through the shed blood of Christ.
But the natural consequences of willful daily sin can be severe…life altering…relationship ending…cataclysmic.
It is one thing to simply fail yourself…and quite another to fail others…people we love…people who have trusted us…looked up to us…depended on us.
I know that some will think me too hard on myself…some may think I’m not hard enough on me. But in light of the life we are called to lead…are capable of leading through Christ…I’m not nearly hard enough on me.
I guess that’s why Paul says he beats his body into submission ( although my best day would not compare to Paul’s worst )
And so I enter the ring yet again bloodied by my own hand and weak in the knees. But ready to fight on…desperate to find joy in the fight…desperate to endure to the end…to learn the discipline of sacrifice and praying that God is not finished with me yet so that I may finish strong for His sake… For my family’s sake.
We all deal with ourselves and our failures differently. We all see ourselves through different lenses… Some that we create…some that have been manufactured for us. The only one that matters is lens of scripture.
God give us the courage to view our lives the way that you see us and the courage to heed your call to be holy as you are holy. That is a change that we are unable to make apart from your loving hand active daily in our hearts and mind.

1 Corinthians 9:27

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