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Reflections of a Moron… Vol 94

November 14, 2015 | Comment

In-Street-Pedestrian-Crosswalk-Signs-98308-002-lgA couple of nights ago I had gone to Wegmans to pick up something for somebody. I had finished the trek across the parking lot and had just stepped into the pedestrian crosswalk right in front of the Wegmans entrance when a young guy in some late model something ignored the stop sign and nearly hit me. Man…it was close…inches.
Thankfully, I was watching out for me even though he wasn’t…so as he drove by oblivious,(and let me just say for the record that I am hard to miss..) I hit the driver-side window with the back of my hand. I hit it hard. Not hard enough to break it (or my hand) but hard enough for him to think he hit me…which he did.
It was a few seconds before he actually stopped and responded (he probably had to check his underwear) but respond he did..and with some very colorful adjectives punctuated with a liberal (and kind of shouty) sprinkling of the F-bomb. He asked me…no, not asked…..what do you call it when you have been scared half to death which turns to seething anger? Ah yes…screaming is what you call it….So he screamed.. “What the Fxxx are you doing? To which I replied “What are YOU doing? I’m in the crosswalk…you ran the freaking stop sign and almost hit me.”  Now…I didn’t say it quite that demurely I admit…but I did not use any F-bombs.  You might have thought I was mature enough to have stopped speaking at that point…but no…I was also a little freaked and pissed off… so I punctuated my statement with a hearty cry of “MORON!”
Thankfully there was no gunfire, knives or anything else hurled in my direction after the remark…and the rest of my short shopping experience was uneventful except for a lot of looking over my shoulder. But as I later reflected on the encounter, I knew I had blown it. I shouldn’t have responded that way. I didn’t need to respond at all.
I was unharmed…unscathed…he missed me. Instead, I hit him!
Turns out I was the moron.
I could have shown grace by not responding, even though that driver would never have known it. I could have simply been thankful that I wasn’t hurt. But instead I was indignant and vengeful. Thankfully, my only consequence was a bruised conscience…it could have been a lot worse.
I know it’s a small thing when I think about it now…but I’m glad that God reminds me of my poor behavior…when it happens. And it still happens more than I like.
This is the moron…signing off…

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