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We are the GOOD part of the story…Vol 77

July 5, 2014 | Comment

This morning I read Mathew chapter one again. I’ve read this chapter a lot.  Mathew recounts the lineage of Jesus. I read through it mentally notating some of the fathers that I remember reading about from a great deed they did or an event they were involved in…maybe a miracle…while the other fathers’ names are still just names written down in the Bible to me….I know they are not insignificant…but they don’t spark a keen remembrance.
In my earlier spiritual life I used to skip over all those names after the first few verses to get to the Jesus part….just so I could get on with my reading.

It seemed to me like all those other names, those other fathers…were just filler. The important stuff didn’t come until we got to Jesus…but not so.

Each man, each name, each contribution was important. Each father was necessary. Every name on that long list was critical to God’s plan. Without them..without that lineage that God ordained and made sure was written down for us…we would not have seen Jesus, He would not have been our Emmanuel “God with us” in the flesh.

Sometimes we may ‘feel’ insignificant going through life…raising our children, going to church…working at our jobs, maybe even serving others. Mostly, we see what is right in front of us..or what God wants us to see in the “right now” of life.  But one day the camera is going to pull back to the wide shot…the “big reveal” and we will see how God used each of us in his plan as we were faithful to him and his purpose… even though we couldn’t see all that  from our vantage point before.

There are many days I go through hard things and wonder why…sometimes I even whisper “why?” out loud…and some days I scream “WHY?!” That might seem disrespectful…even irreverent… but I believe God wants us to be transparent with him. To pour our hearts to Him  in the good and bad of life.

Here’s what I know for sure…God is big enough and loves us enough to allow us, his kids, to ask the hard questions. As for me…I rarely get the answers to the difficult things…and while it’s frustrating and sometimes painful…I know the answers are coming, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am necessary in his plan…that I have a part to play that no one else can. And it is THAT reason that continues to give me hope.

Jesus has already been born. But who knows what God will do in us and through us in this time, our time. Our lives are not simply “filler” in the Kingdom till we get to heaven…We are not empty words until we get to the good part of the story. We are the good part. God’s ultimate plan includes us…requires us to play our part just like David or Solomon or any other of those fathers  before.

So be encouraged today and live your life with a little more “gusto.”

As a little boy I would see all these ladies at church doing needlepoint…but being only about 3 feet tall at the time all I could see was a mass of thread and knots from my short perspective. But occasionally, some nice lady would turn the needlepoint over and show me the finished work. I could hardly believe how beautiful, how ornate, how intricate it was. It wasn’t the mess I pictured at all! There was a design.. a plan she was following to make a beautiful piece of work.

Here’s to all us “works in progress!” It may look (and feel) like a bunch of knots today…but we’ll see the beautiful picture soon!

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