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Once more around the block….Vol 80

July 6, 2014 | Comment

Last night Kathy and I took a walk around the neighborhood…it was just a mile, but enough to get the cobwebs out and long enough for our joints to let us know that we are older than we used to be!

I’ve lived in the same house for 23 years… We’re off the beaten path a little.  You’ll never accidentally drive by our place…you really have to be coming here to find us. It has made for a great place for the kids to grow up. The homes are modest, reasonably priced and the neighborhood still is quiet and kid friendly.

Last night Kathy and I ran into our neighbors, Deider and Marianne out taking care of their impeccable lawn. They are in their mid 80’s and a wonderful couple. I’ve never seen them in a bad mood. He’s German and she’s Dutch. Marianne is a fireball! So full of life and energy. God has blessed her with a rockin’ gene pool! She doesn’t remember names anymore which is both cute and a little annoying . She called me every name but mine in our short visit… but it’s always a pleasure to see them and speak with them. I know a little German so I always practice on them… and I think they are happy to have me try. There’s just something special about hearing some American butcher your native tongue….

Last night we chatted about life for 15 minutes maybe… and within that time they mentioned they lost their 30 year old son in a swimming accident just about 3 miles from the house off the Charlotte pier. They talked about how long it took them to recover and that you never really get over losses like that. It still hurts. That resonated with Kathy who lost her 35 year old son in 2009 and then this month will be 4 years since Lori passed.

It reminded me that shared experiences tend to draw us closer and differentiate our relationships.

It’s comforting to know that another person can identify with you, can empathize with you. In some weird way it sort of spreads the pain around more evenly…maybe makes the burden a little lighter when it’s carried on many shoulders and not just your own.

I don’t know if that makes any sense to you… but after our visit, our mood was a little lighter and the next lap around the block wasn’t so tiring. Don’t you love to have friends like that in your life?  Encouragers, joyful people who lift you up just being around them. Kathy is like that…me?…not so much… but I really want to be.

Being a Christ follower has changed everything. And even though we still have to go through the challenges and sorrows of life…we can find the greater meaning in it and we know that at the end of life…Heaven awaits. That’s happy news. And it’s not God’s secret…He wants us to tell others.  Let’s make joy our choice today, regardless of what we’re going through. Let’s choose to live happy!

Something to work on for today!

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