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You rook mahvelous! Vol 72

January 10, 2014 | Comment

ferIf you’re even close to my age you’ll remember Billy Crystal’s character, Fernando,  on SNL…and maybe even the music video that came out shortly thereafter. I still remember telling everybody they looked “mahvelous” in my best Fernando accent….well at least until my buddies made fun of me…

I have about 1000 pictures on my iphone of various things, animals…people…and now pens.  Much of it I post to Facebook or email to friends and family. I’m constantly editing pictures to make them look right. Well…look right to me. And sometimes I make them look even better than they might in real life…thanks to Photoshop!

What is this thing I have with appearances? I tend to want to see everything for what is pleasing to me rather than for what it actually looks like. There are all sorts of analogies in that statement but let’s look at one for a moment.

I’m not sure I can be honest enough with you to tell you the “why” in this obvious flaw of mine. I could blame it on advertising like many of our more legalistic brethren do. Girls want to be sexy and desired like the Victoria’s Secret models, Guys want to look like Tom Cruise (or some other good looking dood) because they get the girls…Gerber plastered the perfect “Gerber baby” across all their baby food.

We…rather I… often let others set the bar for what is acceptable to me rather than to develop a healthy attitude of reality and gratefulness for who God made me and what he has blessed me with.  Because when I don’t think that way…I start thinking the grass as greener somewhere other than my own yard.

Does that mean we don’t pursue excellence or want to be and look the best that we can…not at all. But it does mean that we may have to take inventory now and then and be thankful that God made us exactly as we are. Like when our clothes don’t quite fit…or the scale is being totally honest. Remember, we’re unique, with talents and abilities only found in us… so lets be thankful, and realize that we truly are “mahvelous” to God…and our mothers or course. 😉



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