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Facebook Anxiety….Vol 73

January 21, 2014 | Comment

cropped-522610_10200798414947098_1058427873_n.jpgFB represents a real dichotomy. At least for me.

On one hand I enjoy being able to do a little of a life journal to give friends and family a peek into our life…for those who care anyway… On the other hand, FB can be anxiety producing to look at friends’ pictures and posts and realize how much life has gone by without me…or maybe just without me taking notice. And then…how much life is yet to happen that I will miss. It’s a hard feeling to describe…and harder still to get over.

I often wonder why God wired me the way he did. I’m maybe a little too unique…a little too…something…weird?…I don’t know. You ever felt like that?

This year I want to lever that uniqueness…that “weirdness”… to do something extraordinary in my life….with my life…for something bigger than me.

Not sure what it is…but I’m looking. I’m listening to God…and I’m present. I may still miss out on the things and events of life that I really can’t control. But those things that God has given me to manage…to grow…I’m gonna do with all my heart and soul.

I will bring life into focus. I will “see” what is in front of me. I will invest in the things that matter. Time with God, time with my wife, time with the kids and time with my friends.  Time to give away and give back real life that is only found in relationship with Jesus.

Anyone want to join me?

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