Life from the rear-view mirror

Just a closer walk……Vol 70

diamondIn my early days when I was sojourning in the land of Texas I met a gentleman from the Netherlands named Theo. Theo had moved to the states in the late 70’s. Theo’s passion was diamonds and precious jewels. He was a graduate gemologist. I met him shortly after he had become a believer. We went to the same church and had many friends in common. We spoke often of diamonds and the trade. I was fascinated by the industry…who wouldn’t be? Diamonds are magical, romantic. They represent symbols of love, power and wealth. I nearly enrolled in a GIA program and thought about a career in the industry working with Theo. But God had other plans.

Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes but until the middle of the twentieth century there was no agreed standard to judge the worth of this beautiful, brilliant work of nature. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) defined a language to communicate diamond quality. The 4C’s. Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat Weight. Today this language is used almost universally to describe diamonds from use in manufacturing to a turntable stylus, to engagement rings.

Most of us will only consider diamonds,  and the purchase of them, a few times in our lives. We will purchase them for different reasons but mostly for people we love as an expression of our love. A diamond is precious not only for it’s worth, but for its meaning. A diamond on the finger of our fiance’ or spouse reminds us of the love we share and the commitment we made.

God in his overwhelming love for us has given us a precious “diamond” in his Word.  Just as a diamond both gathers and reflects light…so does God’s word. The diamond of his Word  gathers and reflects some aspect of His glory, grace, majesty and sovereignty into our lives. Likewise we also reflect that light back to God in praise, worship and service.

The simplicity of gospel message reveals the same truth for us all. We all come to Christ with the understanding that we are sinners in need of a Savior. But our life stories before and after coming into relationship with Christ, are all unique.

We believers move toward Heaven at different speeds, on different journeys, with different scenery. With our unique view comes a unique voice. A voice with which we pray, praise, and proclaim God’s greatness and goodness to us.

It is no accident that God asks us to live “daily.”  He doesn’t ask us to take too big a bite out of life all at once. He knows our limitations. Each day that passes in our walk with the Lord brings discovery, hope, sorrow, celebration, joy, even discord and harmony.

It find it interesting that our spiritual walk is with God…not running ahead of him or lagging behind.

Because… we can only hear His voice clearly as we walk with him.

May 2014 find you close to the Savior.

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