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Storms are sneaky…. Vol 66

November 17, 2013 | Comment

storm 1I check the weather a few times every day…it’s just habit. I like to know, as much as possible, what to expect. I can’t change what’s coming, but many times I can prepare for it…and sometimes that’s all that’s needed. Sometimes not.

Storms are sneaky. They can show one way then deliver quite another. Kind of like a “bluff” in a card game. You can start playing, thinking that you know what is in everyone’s hand…then…BAM! Someone yells UNO, or GIN or Go FIsh…or…worse, takes all your money.

I am in a storm I didn’t prepare for. I should have seen it coming.  The waters had been calm for a couple of months. The summer storms had passed. We had weathered them. A little more bruised and battered perhaps, but the ship held.

We missed the signs for the storm we just entered. Or maybe we just didn’t want to see them. We were enjoying the brief calm so much that we didn’t hear the thunder rumbling in the distance..didn’t see the lightning flash. So now we are fighting the mounting waves and howling wind once more…trying to get our bearings…trying to navigate well… to keep our ship off the rocks and us out of the angry sea.

It is in times like these where Jesus often says  “Stand aside… this storm is too much for you!” Oh that I would have heeded his words more closely in past storms when I came dangerously close to disaster. But in the blackness of tonight’s storm…I welcome Jesus to the helm…the true pilot of our vessel. I’m not sure if he will whisper instruction in my ear while I steer …or put his hands on the wheel with mine to fight the waves…or simply tell me to stand aside.  It doesn’t matter…He will be with us through this storm.

It’s too early to tell what damage there may be…or if our ship will make it through intact.

But we will not be sailing alone…and with God’s help…we will be vigilant for coming storms…even while resting in calm waters….

Storms are sneaky…


Matthew 8:26

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