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Tired backs…sore bottoms…big smiles! Vol 56

August 11, 2013 | Comment

HD2Yesterday Kathy came with me on her first real ride on the Harley.  Just about 250 miles round trip with a couple coffee and potty stops thrown in… and a quick stop in Cazenovia at a road-side farmer’s market where we caught a glimpse of mom displaying her hoola-hoop skills.

I did my preflight check around 8am and we hopped on the bike around 8:30 to meet up with Joanne and Jim who were riding Jim’s Goldwing out to meet us at Bass Pro Shops in Auburn for the hour ride back to his house where an amazing Spaghetti lunch awaited. (I can say it was amazing before I ate it…because I’ve had mom’s spaghetti dinner!)

The ride from Auburn out Rt 20 through Skaneateles and Cazenovia was gorgeous. Rolling hills, quaint villages, and big beautiful blue sky with those dreamy puffy white clouds. All taken in atop the big Harley, blessing us with that deep throaty rumble I have come to love.

Kathy used a few muscles she didn’t remember she had climbing on and off the bike…and HD1I’m guessing she would have liked to been able to move around a little more than she could…or have a cup of coffee within arms reach…but it was great fun having her with me. It meant that a weekend getaway on the bike was now a possibility where before…it was just a nice thought. We had proven the concept…she had fun and loved being with me on the bike. It was an adventure. I’m sure it was a bit scary for her when she had to lean into corners with me…but she trusted me to get both of us to our destination safely.

We got back home just before the setting sun burned through my retinas. Parked the bike in the garage…. complained a little (with a smile…) about how certain body parts were sore…and then took a nap. We both agreed that the day and the ride…and the experience was worth it and that we’d do it again.

 Here’s a tip for better marriage. Find something you and your spouse can do together…and do it. Find the joy in it and celebrate that joy with each other. 

We are on a journey with God…each day of our walk with Him holds experiences in faith and love…in perspective and  perseverance that build on each other. We are building an archive that we can access any time we choose, to remind us of how faithful God is.  Our memory banks might not always be filled with happy things…mine sure aren’t. But God walked with me, often carrying me through the painful, hurtful times…and he promised never to leave or forsake us.

He loves it when we enjoy Him and enjoy the life he’s given us. He’s given us a challenge to invest ourselves first in Him and to build His kingdom, then in our spouses and family and finally what he’s put in our hand to do. But through all of it….He wants our joy to be full.

Some of us are so caught up in what we can’t do…that we never do what we can.

Get on the road and ride friend. See what vistas of truth and grace  and faith God allows you to discover to build a joyful life for your benefit and His glory.

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