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I missed a chance to dance….Vol 51

July 12, 2013 | Comment

1013833_10200755906314467_18029734_nLast night I missed a chance to dance with my wife. I didn’t think it was a big deal then. I wish I had now. Not because she gave me a hard time about it…she didn’t. Not because it was a great band…it wasn’t. Not because we would have shown up the other couples with our dancing prowess…we wouldn’t have. But simply because she wanted to. She wanted to dance with me. I wish I had said “yes” and got off the lawn chair and out onto the cement with the older couple and the little kids who were just enjoying each other (and perhaps imagining a much better band.) But I missed the chance to dance with my sweetheart. I won’t do it again.

From a moment to a memory.

I’m sure I didn’t coin that phrase…but I like it. God gives us a limited number of moments in our lives to accomplish something. To do something for Him….to do something with Him…to do something for him with someone else…and to do something that is just for us. You have to be looking for it. You have to be aware. You have to listen.. and then…if you recognize the moment…you should act. You should turn the moments God gives you into your memories…your legacy with God. Keep your memory banks full of God’s goodness to you and stay aware of His blessing in your life. It is a gift to pass on to your kids, your family… and… it is strength for you in times of challenge.

One of the sad things in my Christian experience is that so many times I have missed out on the chief end of man found in the Westminster Shorter Catechism which says…Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and enjoy Him forever.

If I were to use words that often describe how I feel about my relationship with God they would be somber words like obligation, duty, accountability, responsibility. All meaningful…all good. But lacking passion. Lacking the “juice” of enjoyment. I have often pushed off the enjoyment of God…waiting for heaven. And I am missing the chance to dance…

How about you?

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