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I almost lost a friend….well…maybe I did…. Vol 50

July 9, 2013 | Comment

A few weeks back I almost lost a friend. Not because I didn’t know where he was…but more because I didn’t recognize where I was. Has that ever happened to you? You get an email or IM that just cuts through all the noise of your life and hits you right in the heart.

Precious are the wounds of a friend (Proverbs 27:6)

Wounding is painful no matter what it is or from whom it comes. But maybe more painful when it’s from a friend.

I didn’t handle this one well. I was offended. I was angry. He was right, and well-intentioned. He said exactly what needed to be said…and though I read and re-read the admonition…I didn’t want to hear it…let alone own it. Now I had to deal with the issue… and with him.

I waited a good week and then I called. That didn’t go well either. After the abrupt end to the phone call in a fit of anger, I blocked him on FB (which also “un-friends”) in case you are wondering…which prompted IM’s and then there was silence from both of us.

A few days ago I sent a friend request and he accepted. Unfortunately, the damage is done…maybe not forever…but for now. Paul says to live at peace with everyone as you are able. The sad truth is that we may not be able to live at peace with some…

Occasionally Paul had some hard things to say to people and churches who were moving in the wrong direction. He sort of had an Rx for bad news…He started with a spoonful of sugar. He encouraged them first. He let them know he loved them and Christ loved them…. before he let ’em have it. That was his Rx…not necessarily ours. Sometimes, well… sometimes with our friends…we take the filters off…and just tell it like it is. Those of us on the receiving end sometimes miss the motivation of the message (or maybe we just don’t want to think…we want to feel) but any way you get wounded…hurts. Some wounds are deeper than others but all wounds need to be tended to or eventually you can “bleed out.”

My wound was really just a nick…a “flesh” wound. I didn’t need the tourniquet I tried to put on it. In fact the bleeding stopped without so much as a Band-Aid.

Have you been wounded from friendly fire? You can let the wound fester and infect…or you can take steps to cleansing and healing. It’s your choice.

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