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What’s in your hand? vol 44

May 20, 2013 | Comment

Christmas Present Wrapped in Gold and Silver 2000Sometimes I don’t understand how God works. I know that blessing often follows obedience…but not always. I know that God gives good gifts to his children, even if we can’t really identify what we’ve received as “good” at the time. I also know that God will sometimes let us push the envelope on our own and let us come to a place of understanding (sort of like peeing on the electric fence) when He would have rather we simply waited on Him.

In scripture it tells us that whatever we find to do…”do it with all your heart as unto the Lord.”

I’m at a crossroads again. I “found” something to do. I thought it was from God.

Maybe not.

My moment of Zen did NOT come from my own examination of the facts…even though I was beginning to think that I was in the wrong place. But because there was no real down side for me that I could see…I put off thinking very hard about it…until I had a conversation with the owner/friend. He, unlike me, was totally convinced that I was not where I belonged. I was polite and agreed with him in the meeting but in my heart I was rehearsing my “how dare you” speech.

I was comfortable, had a nice office, a great support group, had been to school and gotten the tools I needed to do the job, was in a networking group, had tried various lead generating tools…but after 4 months of legally being able to sell…hadn’t really produced anything. There was potential there… I knew it…but I wasn’t really able to tap into it….unleash it…harness it…whatever the heck you do with potential.

So I’m back looking for something to put my hand to…again.

Sometimes it’s as important for doors to close as it is for them to open.

Just sayin…

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