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He Gave Gifts! Vol 26

April 4, 2013 | Comment

Christmas Present Wrapped in Gold and Silver 2000Do you know what your spiritual gift or gifts are?

You really should. The Bible speaks quite a bit about these gifts in I Corinthians. It gives instruction about when we get them… and how they should be used.

I know what my spiritual gift is. Like many of you may have done, I took a bunch of “spiritual gift” tests to try to find out. Some of the tests were goofy and confusing, but gradually I narrowed in on just how God had gifted me…not my natural talents…but His gifts. Even though the tests I took were helpful, the real “tell” for me was the feedback I got from other believers as they saw the gift in action as we worked together in ministry.

I  think that is the best way spiritual gifts are discovered.

I have heard many believers say that they don’t have any gifts. God must have forgotten them…or maybe they were standing behind the door when the spiritual gifts were handed out. Not true! At the moment we place our faith and trust in Christ to save us from our sins, and the Holy Spirit comes and dwells in our hearts…(our spiritual birthday if you will,).. the Bible says he gives us gift(s) right then. What a privilege! What a responsibility!

These gifts are to be used to unify and build up the body of Christ…his church. So it’s important that you know what your gift is… and more importantly…that you use it.

Still struggling with this concept? Uncomfortable asking another believer what they see in your life? Here’s an online test so at least you can get started thinking more seriously about this. There are many more tests like these…but this one seems to be pretty good. I would pray that God would give you wisdom to discern exactly what his gift to you is and how best to use it.

There is a difference between growing old and growing up. One is simply a factor of time…the other of will and purpose. Growing up into Christ implies maturing. Not only knowing what is right (Study to show yourselves approved unto God, rightly applying the word of truth) but doing it as well.

Make a commitment to God and to yourself to understand what your spiritual gift is and then use it. Be a good steward of both the gifts and talents God has given.

See how God will bless you and grow you into a worthy servant for his honor and glory…and your joy!

I Corinthians 12


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