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Concrete and steel… Vol 37

April 25, 2013 | Comment

378273_10200570900728692_299940381_nI like talking about roads. I ride a motorcycle so the type of road and its location holds great interest. Twisties, sweepers…roads can be really cool.

The subject of roads can be a great metaphor too. An obvious metaphor perhaps… but a metaphor nonetheless. Mix an application in there with the metaphore and sometimes the application can get lost…even on the most seasoned traveler.

Roads can help our friends and loved ones find their way to us. But other roads lead the people we love and care about away from us…sometimes far away. You can drive very fast on some roads (or if you are like my buddy…you drive fast on ALL roads…)but barely crawl on others. Danger awaits around the corners on some roads while others offer amazing vistas.

Do you need to get from point A to B? There are roads that will get you there. Or…they can drop you off at a thousand points in between.  We like to name our roads. Some names bespeak the geography like Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway…while others like Farfrompoopen Rd (the only road to Constipation Ridge) is just..well… silly.

I usually associate roads with some kind of movement…like driving…or walking. But when you talk roads there is almost always a destination involved.

I remember hearing about a man who was talking to an evangelist after a revival meeting one night. The evangelist had been talking about Heaven and warning people about Hell. He said in his most convincing orator voice, “Listen friends… Jesus is THEE way THEE truth and THEE life (empahsis added) and NOOO man comes to the Father except by him.” Well… this man standing in front of the old evangelist took offense at that statement. He said “What do you mean Jesus is the only way” “Listen…If you’re going to Chicago you can get there a LOT of ways.” “You can take Interstate 90 or RT 55…maybe go along the lake on RT 14…heck there are lots of ways to get there…” he said with a smug expression on his face…feeling that he’d made his point. The old evangelist just smiled and said…”Friend…I’m not talking about how to get to Chicago”

Do you know where you are going?

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