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What’s in the box? Vol 14

March 18, 2013 | Comment

Played hooky from small group a while ago to join an old friend at an Amerks game, Rochester’s local Hockey team. Took my oldest son Brendan with me…he wasn’t a big hockey fan then (he is now!) but we had a blast along with a good Philly cheesesteak…and… we won by two!

On the way in that night we were accosted by a street preacher.  It really hurts me to say it that way…but it was the truth. There was nothing kind or loving in his delivery. It was raw shock. Here was  fellow bellowing out the truth in derge-like monotone to people who simply ignored or ridiculed him. The truth, the way he told it was no less true…it just wasn’t very loving,  very compelling or very effective….

it made me think of how hard we are trying at Northridge to be culturally relevant. Not change the gospel. It is, and  always will be relevant to all generations all by itself.  But the “box” in which the product of Christianity comes, should be delivered in a compelling, loving loving people.

Street preaching used to be the mark of a hard-core believer. It was almost a rite of passage. Like somehow there was more honor in getting spit on and ridiculed publicly on the street than anywhere else.

I belive that God’s word will never come back empty. And if I believe that, I must believe I’ll see folks in heaven because of guys like that street preacher in front of the Blue Cross Arena out in the cold that night…bellowing truth at people. I thank God for his conviction…but it still serves as a reminder to me to speak the truth in love. It doesn’t make it any more true…but isn’t that how Jesus speaks to us? The Bible says he knocks on our hearts door. He asks to come in. He wants to come in…but we still must invite him in.

Have you been beat up by well-meaning believers trying to push their way through the door to your heart? The same God who said he was not willing that any should perish may be standing at your heart’s door today….gently knocking. Will you listen for his voice? Will you let him in?

Rev 3:20  – Behold I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hear my voice and open the door I will come in…

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