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The Big Fish are in the Deep Water…Vol 2

March 6, 2013 | Comment

I was about 8 years old and the family was on a weekend getaway at Keuka Lake with some friends. Keuka is one the prettiest and cleanest lakes in the Finger Lakes. It’s clear and cold and deep. We could wake up in the morning and from our window in the cabin, see the dock jutting out into that wonderful pristine water…just beckoning for a swim…or fishing.

At 8 years old I hadn’t yet honed my angler skills…truth be told at 58, I still haven’t. But the promise of fishing on the lake that day with our friends was all the excitement I needed to explode out of bed. There were 5 of us boys and two dads. We had a quick breakfast, cleaned up (without complaining) and headed to the dock. We were going trolling for lake trout. I had no idea what a lake trout was..or what trolling was for that matter….but I had been told that lake trout could get very big…I think somebody’s dad said something about a “man eating lake trout” which bumped up the bpm’s in our little 8 year old chests a tad…and even though I couldn’t imagine it happening…the Jonah story did cross my mind. Just how big could a lake trout get?

Dave, my friend’s dad had prepared the boat the night before with tackle, bait, life vests and all. He started the motor, cracked the throttle and we pulled away from the dock. I could see the rocky bottom very clearly at first..but as we made our way to deeper water the bottom dissapeared. I looked around and saw the shoreline getting further away and questions started to fill my 8 year old mind. How far are out are we going? How deep is it? What if we run out of gas? What about the man-eating trout? I was just about to tug on my dad’s shirt to warn him when I heard Dave say.” The really big fish are out in the deep water…we’re going to put the bait on the hook and let the line go deep…maybe we’ll catch a really big one” This was long before the days of fish finders…so there were no guarantees of the “big one” but we were all hopeful. We trolled for what seemed like days to an 8 year old. Sadly this day all we did was ride around in the boat. We didn’t take a single trout home for dinner but then we weren’t dinner for any of those man-eating trout either. It was a good day!

I don’t do much fishing for fish anymore. But God still asks me and you to fish for men. The fish we are looking for are often out there in the scary deep water of life. And God uses us as the bait. Like any bait…it has to attract the fish. The bait (us)  should be irresistable to what we’re trying to catch.. That means we have to be prepared. These days I see way too many believers sitting on the dock in an easy chair…or talking about what they used to do for God. God clearly challenges us to launch out into the deep . Rough water or calm…that is where the lessons are learned. That is where we learn to trust. That is where we build our legacy with God. That is where we watch him work in us, with us, and for us. Don’t miss a chance at the big fish. Get out there where you can’t see bottom and drop your line….see what God helps you pull into the boat!.

Luke 5:4    “Launch out into the deep and drop your line for a really big catch!”

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