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Mark got it wrong… Vol 22

March 30, 2013 | Comment

twain-561ae6fb496563215077e2d258b408ac9a472b13“So much blood has been shed by the Church because of an omission from the Gospel: “Ye shall be indifferent as to what your neighbor’s religion is.” Not merely tolerant of it, but indifferent to it. Divinity is claimed for many religions; but no religion is great enough or divine enough to add that new law to its code.” – Mark Twain, a Biography

An old high school friend posted this statement from Mark Twain this morning and it really disturbed me. He has since removed it…most likely  because of my comment to follow. I haven’t been around this guy for 40 years so I don’t know where he is spiritually but the timing of the post was suspicious to me.  Here’s my response:

“That is a true statement. Sadly it doesn’t go far enough. Those of us who truly follow the God of the Bible and His teachings, scorn “religion” with its veil of spirituality and its false and contriving ways. Instead we have a relationship to God through Christ. Our mantra is to fulfill the “one anothers ” of scripture. I can’t be indifferent. It would be like me watching someone on a train track with a train approaching… And not screaming at them to get out of the  way.  I could argue that they had a right to be on the track. I could see them and say its none of my business. But love compels me to act. To help.. To warn…to teach.. To pray. Indifference is a cruel master in the end. I’m glad I serve a God who was not indifferent to humanity and their plight. I am thrilled to celebrate that great love for us tomorrow!”

I debated on writing anything. But I had to. I hope I was loving..I wanted to be. If my old friend doesn’t know the Lord, I don’t want to be a stumbling block. But he has some notoriety these days…and I couldn’t let that comment stand unanswered. Especially on the eve of the most important day in history for the life of the believer…at the completion of the most loving, sacrificial act the world has ever seen…the thought of being “indifferent” is just unacceptable…and un-loving. I choose to CELEBRATE!

Romans 4:25, Romans 5:6, Romans 5:7, Romans 8:32, Romans 8:39


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