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I’m a jerk! Number 10!

March 14, 2013 | Comment

A few weeks back I realized that I am a jerk. Oh..I’ve always had my suspicions…but I proved it beyond any reasonable doubt.

She was on the phone in the drum department when she handed me the drum sticks I had asked for. I made my way over to the kit I was going to play…no intention of buying mind you…just killing a few minutes…and I began to play. Not obnoxiously…at least not to my ear…when my groove was suddenly interrupted by the same female employee who had just given me the sticks…”Sir…SIR!…I’m on the phone…can you keep it down?!”  It was not really a question. She was barking orders to an obviously talented savant nearly thrice her age. Her bark was accompanied by desperate gesturing towards the phone receiver to get my attention and to let me know that she was indeed talking on the phone and not welding…or sharpening her fingernails.

She was  “harshing my mellow” big time! At that moment it was as if someone had turned up the “suck”  on my performance as my hands and feet went their separate ways creating…well…a lot of noise and clanging. I finally stopped flailing around…and looked to see if anyone  had witnessed the scolding I had just gotten. Nope…whew!

Now it was my turn.

“What? (I thought to myself indignantly)…can’t she see I’m enjoying myself immensely and that someday I might actually consider buying a drum set from somewhere…(although I don’t like the color of this one…and it’s probably cheaper online….still thinking to myself here…) So I sat at the kit just long enough to get all red-faced and waited for her to end her pointless conversation about selling something to some customer…who knows what those salespeople do?

Then i got up with purpose and walked to the counter.  Looked at her in the eye and  from a height of oh …as high as I could reach…I dropped the drum sticks on the glass counter and walked out of the department as the sticks bounced around loudly on the counter top before  tumbling off to the floor. I had shown her. Now she would have to bend over and pick them up…I win.

Now while this whole scenario was unfolding I knew I was being a jerk. Bit It wasn’t until I got to the car that I realized just what a jerk…a selfish jerk… I really had been and still was. And…if left unchecked (and unforgiven,) I could be the idiot that might get in the way of someone, maybe her, coming to Christ.

My story was embellished here a little for flavor but the point remains. If I say I’m a Christ follower, life is much bigger than me and what I want right now. I never saw that girl again but if I had. she might have a couple of choice words for me…I deserved them…but it’s worth any embarrassment to let her know I was wrong and she should have been able to expect more from someone who has been forgiven so much.

Have you been a jerk lately? There’s a pill you can take to help….the gos-pill. (sorry) but realzing just what’s at stake when we act out should be sobering. It should grieve us to know that we could get in the way of people who need the Lord, coming to find Him.

Let your light so shine among men that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven…Matthew 5:16

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