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If you’re not dead…God isn’t finished with you! Vol 15

March 19, 2013 | 1 Comment

There was a time back a few years ago when angels were the cultural rage. There were angel TV shows and books on angels…angel sightings …it was the “thing.”

It’s amazing how this phenomena spread across the US. People wanted to believe in angels. Angels were fun! Angels were interesting! Angels were cute! Angels were powerful. But this God and Jesus stuff? People weren’t so sure about those characters …they really just wanted to talk about angels! They wanted to feel good about spiritual things…not convicted.

The word angel from the greek simply means messenger…and that is mostly what we read about angels in the Bible.

We do know some things about angels for sure:

Angels are definitely incredible beings…but they would point all worship and praise back to God the Father and God the Son. (Rev 19:10) …just as we should!

It was back around Christmas in 1979. I had just finished out a tour with Re’Generation, a gospel/patriotic singing group… and had signed on with a new group that traveled with Doug Oldham out of Nashville. We were on a Christmas tour and were heading to a concert in Bend, OR. We traveled by Custom Coach in those days. As I remember, we had stopped along the side of a busy highway to get some things at a convenience store that couldn’t accommodate our big bus.  All of us piled out and waited for an opening in the traffic. It came and we sprinted across the 4 lanes of traffic. About half-way across I remembered that my wallet was up in my bunk and without thinking I stopped, turned around and started running back towards the bus. It was as if someone had stiff-armed me to a complete stop…and in that instant a truck roared by. Had I been able to continue to run…I surely would have been killed. The truck was moving so fast that I would simply have been a greasy spot on the highway. At the same time I felt what I thought was a stiff-arm on my chest, I felt that electric feeling you get in an adrenaline rush. I knew God had spared my life. I knew I had a guardian angel. I knew God wasn’t finished with me yet.

I only told a couple of others on the bus that day…but have never forgotten the incident. There are some defining moments in life that shouldn’t be forgotten. Now let me include a few other things to un-romanticize this story. There was no golden light from heaven. The air didn’t smell like cookies(maybe that’s Santa’s workshop…) and I didn’t hear any bells ringing. Or feel the need to buy angel trinkets. Or rent “Michael.”  I simply knew that God had something else for me to do…and I was going to be able to do it now that I wasn’t squished like a grape.

There is undeniably a mystery that exists in our relationship to and with God. There are some things we won’t know this side of heaven. Even though God tells us that in plain english…some people spend all their time and energy trying to know the unknowable. When they can’t know it…we often get what they “feel.” Sometimes that resembles truth…more often not. I choose to focus on what I know to be true. What I can prove in scripture.

Entertaining angels unaware. It’s a sobering yet exciting thought. That thought  should keep us on our game. That should keep us in the fight!

Hey… if you’ve ever wondered if God had you on a shelf…welll…He might.

You better check out I John 1:9.

But if you and God are on speaking terms…check to see if you can still fog a mirror. If you can…God is not finished with you yet!

Phillipians 1:6   – being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.


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  1. Glad you weren’t squished like a grape…wonder if we get to meet those angels that make sure we get to ‘fog a mirror’ yet one more day….hmmm. Okay, I won’t go there.Thanks for this one.

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