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Has your Identity been stolen? Vol 4

March 8, 2013 | Comment

We hear it all over the news these days. Many of us have been affected by it…damaged by it…destroyed by it. Identity Theft is one of the most intrusive, invasive forms of crime. Whole industries have been spawned by the phenomena just to try and slow it down. Sometimes the identity thief hits our credit cards. Sometimes it’s our bank accounts. Other times they set up fraudulent businesses…all by pretending to be us. It’s as if there is someone looking over your shoulder at the ATM all the time or watching you from the inside of your computer. Even with state of the art software and a bulletproof system of protecting yourself …when the identity thief strikes, sometimes the best you can hope for is a return to zero. The shock of the violation changes us. It makes us feel vulnerable, unconfident…even afraid.

As believers, our true identity is found in Christ. We are his and a part of his family. Christ purchased us by his death on the cross. No one can take us out of that heavenly family… but… if we are not vigilant; there are things that we allow in our lives that make it seem like our identity has been stolen. Things like; sexual sin, blasphemy, shady business dealings, an undisciplined, perverse thought-life. All of these things are really just disobedience…wrongdoing….sin. Much of our sin is never known to anyone but us. In fact many of us make allowances for sin in our lives…and we simply get callous to their effects. But there ARE consequences. The Bible tells us to guard against the thief who would come in to steal and to destroy. Steal and destroy what? Our joy, our peace, our confidence. Steal so much of who we are that when we look in the mirror we can barely recognize the person we’ve become. It doesn’t happen overnight. Just like the criminal whose stolen your credit card information, he doesn’t go for the big purchase right away. He makes small charges at first. You barely notice…but then… you’re broke!

Just like we protect our financial selves… we have to guard our hearts…protecting our spiritual selves. We have to practice walking circumspectly through life as if it really matters who we’ve identified ourselves with…because it does matter. There are people who need the Lord today. Those people need to see our Lord alive in us. They are depending on us to be  who we say we are. Who God made us to be.

Live your lives among men that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven.



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