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Harley and me… Vol 20

March 27, 2013 | Comment

My bike is in the shop. Not because it has to be. But there were a few do-dads (Farkles in bikespeak) that I wanted to install on the bike.

The trouble was that  I had to walk through the Harley-Davidson showroom with all the shiny accessories,clothing and new motorcycles calling my name. I found myself justifying things in my mind. I really need those chrome wheel nuts…and… I’m going on a long ride and that old seat is lumpy…I need to be kind to my butt…that new seat would rock. And on and on it went until I did the math. For anyone who knows bikes…Harley-Davidson is one of the kings of marketing and their stuff ain’t cheap. I checked my pocket…yup…same 5 bucks I had in there from yesterday…that wouldn’t even buy a cup of coffee in the Harley shop. I thought about what I could sell to fund this addiction…watches, rifles, computers…just how far would I let myself go? What would I give up to get what I wanted? How many mental cycles would I waste?

I had a moment of zen. I realized that I would have sold stuff I had, to get new stuff…again. What does that tell me about my appetite? Is it wrong to have a motorcycle? No. Is it wrong to let that become an idol?…Yes. I don’t know about you….but I spend far too much time thinking about what would make me happy. What would lift my spirits from the doldrums and kick those endorphins into overdrive. For what? Well.. until that buzz wears off and I need the next “thing?” Sadly yes. And I’m not the only  one of us who struggles. Why can’t I be satisfied? Why can’t I be content? What is it about my personality that needs/wants the next thing for me?

Here’s a personal confession…”I don’t like me sometimes, and if I have something new or cool….I feel better about me” (for a while) or how about this one “I work hard…I deserve this”

We haven’t even touched on whether or not I can afford it yet? We haven’t talked about whether or not I’m giving like I should be. We haven’t talked about whether my family’s needs are taken care of. Here’s what my self-talk should be saying…”God has given me so much already..what can I give back”

But hey….It’s…all…about…me.

What a sad, sad commentary. I know better. You know better. Let’s encourage each other today to trust God to fill in the empty cracks of our lives that we try to fill with… stuff…. To “in honor prefer one another” To be responsible with the resources God provides us with.

My former pastor knew himself very well. He would routinely say…”I know God is never going to trust me with a lot of money. If I won the lottery. I would buy a million dollars worth of bubble gum”

And there’s your sign…

But seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you..Mat 6:33

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