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And so it’s your birthday… Vol 1

March 5, 2013 | Comment

My youngest son will be 14 tomorrow. He is a trip! The most laid-back, loveable kid on the planet. I still remember the day I found out there was going to be a “Brett” in our lives.  We had already blown by the kid limit in my book. With three  on the ground, the youngest not even two…I was looking way ahead to the end of diapers and the beginning of baseball.

Lori had suggested that we go out to dinner this lovely June evening…it was a rib place if memory serves. As I bit into that first saucy rib she put her fork down. She only said one word..but it was the way she said it…There was a touch of “I’m never letting you near me again” mixed with “What’s one more?” But all she said was “Well….”

I don’t know why or how I knew, but there was gonna be a “Brett” just about 9 months from my first mouthful of rib meat.

Sure enough, I had done the math right and just about 9 months later there was Brett with a crop of brown hair and big brown eyes. We “loved him up” right along with the others…and been loving ’em all ever since.

When was the last time somebody “loved you up?” You don’t forget those times. So if you can’t remember, it’s been too long. Don’t you want to be around people who make you feel special?…Who make you feel like you matter.. that you bring something unique to the world?  Man I do!

God desires to love you up! I think John says it best. For God SO loved the world (that’s you and me…) that he gave his only son (Jesus) that whoever would believe in him would not die a spiritual death but have everlasting life in heaven with God. That’s my way of saying it, but you can find that verse in John 3:16. No matter how you tell it…that is some kind of amazing love.

What does it mean when John says God “gave” Jesus. Well…that’s where the real love is. The Bible tells us that Jesus put aside his heavenly perrogotive… was born,  lived a perfect life, and to make sure God’s plan to love you and me completely was fully carried out… God gave his perfect son Jesus who willingly died on a cross taking the sin of the world on himself. The Bible goes on to say Jesus was buried but rose again on the third day! The bible says if we believe that…we can become a “child” of God. He becomes our heavenly father…and the “loving up” starts for real…forever.

So how does God love us up if he’s in heaven and we’re down here. He loves us by letting us know through his Word and through other people who believe in him and trust him. We call those people our spiritual family. They deliver God’s love in real-time, in person…face to face. It’s a love from God that you can know, see and feel. It’s encouragement to be all God has planned for us. It’s a love that allows us to use the unique gifts God gives us to change the world…and pay it forward “loving others up” for Him!

“They will know we are believers by the love we show each other” John 13:35



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